Q. At which city is Alaska's northernmost year-round ice-free port?
A. Valdez

Q. Approximately what percentage of an iceberg is underwater?

A. 75% - 85%


Q. What are the favorite foods of Alaskan Moose?

A. Willow and Birch tree branches.


Q. What are the items that make up the Alaska State Seal?

A. An unnamed draftsman designed the state seal in 1920.  It consists of a rising sun shining on forest, lake, fishing and shipping boats and agricultural and mining activities.

Q. The state of Rhode Island could fit into Alaska how many times?

A. 425 Times.  We have glaciers larger then Rhode Island.


Q. What year did "outsiders" first discover Alaska?

A. Outsiders first discovered Alaska in 1741 when Danish explorer Vitus Jonassen Bering sighted it on a voyage from Siberia.


Q. What vast and beautiful territory is named with an Indian word meaning "Big Village"?

A. Canada.


Q. What was the address of The Munsters?

A. 1313 Mockingbird Lane.


Q. The “Discovery Theatre” in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts got its name from what?

A. It was named after the HMS Discovery. One of the two ships of the British Royal Navy commanded by Captain James Cook on his third voyage from 1776-1779.


Q. First named “River Turnagain” by Capt. James Cook in 1778 when he had to turn around, having failed in his search for what?

A. For the Northwest Passage. Because of its’ strong outgoing tide he thought it was a river. Capt. George Vancouver renamed it Turnagain Arm in 1794 when he realized it wasn’t.


Q. Where did Abbott Road, Abbott Loop Road get its’ name?

A. Abbott Road, Abbott Loop road was named after Cecil. V. Abbott. He was an insurance man who came to Alaska in 1944 and was the first president of the Alaska Association of Realtors.


Q. Jewel Lake got its name from where?

A. From the air. Flying over the lake it would sparkle like diamonds or jewels and eventually the name was made official.


Q. What part of Anchorage was named after the profession of Ed “Lucky Swede” Olson?

A. During the construction of the railroad (starting in about 1915) alcohol was banned from the Anchorage town site. Ed Olson or the “Lucky Swede” and others in the area supplied Anchorage by making moonshine in the cove at the mouth of Chester Creek. This was before a dam was built to create the current Westchester Lagoon. From the cove they ferried the moonshine to customers by dory, and was named Bootlegger Cove.


Q. Anchorage sprang up as a tent city along Ship Creek in 1915 as the headquarters of what company?

A. The Alaska Railroad. It was being constructed from the port in Seward to the gold fields in the Fairbanks area.


Q. Over what famous building is aircraft forbidden to fly at any time?

A. No aircraft is permitted to fly over the Taj Mahal in India.


Q. Where is the world's oldest hotel?

A. The Hotel Ryokan in the village of Awazu, Japan dates back to AD 717, when an inn was built near a hot spring reported to have miraculous healing properties.


Q. Where would you go to visit the largest ancient castle in the world?

A. You would travel to Prague, Czech Republic, to see the Prague Castle, built in the 9th century, with a total surface area of 18 acres.


Q. What famous example of post-colonial architecture is modeled after the palace of the Duke of Leinster in Ireland?

A. The White House in Washington, D.C., begun in 1792 and burned by the British in 1814, was rebuilt in 1818 and restored in 1951.


Q. During what great land boom (1919) did investors pay up to $25,000 for lots that had not yet been dredged up from the ocean?

A. The Florida Land Boom--Carl Fisher founded Miami Beach that year and brought hundreds of investors to the state.


Q. What famous American building was originally built in 1792, burned and rebuilt 1814-1818 and restored in 1952?

A. The White House in Washington, D.C., modeled after an Irish palace, is a sumptuous example of post-colonial architecture.


Q. Where is the world's largest wine cellar, and how big is it?

A. A company in the center of the wine-growing district of South Africa has a cellar that covers an area of 54 acres and has a capacity of 27 million gallons.


Q. What famous $40+ million home has a 60-foot pool with underwater music and a 20-car garage?

A. The home of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, features the latest futuristic computer technology.


Q. What island in the St. Lawrence River was given away on a television game show in 1964?

A. Price is Right Island was given away by Bill Cullen on "The Price is Right."


Q. Exactly how many islands are included in the group called the 1000 Islands?

A. There are actually 1,864 islands in the 80-mile stretch in the St. Lawrence River, between Ontario, Canada and New York State.


Q. Where are church services held in the water each Sunday during July and August?

A. At Half-Moon Bay, Ontario, worshippers gather in boats facing the natural stone pulpit, and hymnals are passed to the floating congregation by ushers in canoes.


Q. Which U.S. hotel has more fountains than any other hotel in the world?

A. The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada has more than 1,000 fountains embellishing an 11+ acre artificial lake.


Q. What is the name of Elvis Presley’s home?
A. Graceland.

Q. What is the world's longest frontier?

A. At 3,987 kilometers (2,477.41 miles), the border between Canada and the U.S. is the longest in the world.


Q. The smallest of Canada's 1000 Islands shares a name with a fairy tale hero. What is it?

A. Tom Thumb.


Q. What famous American sign was originally erected as a real estate ad?

A. The Hollywood sign, built in 1923, was conceived as a real estate ad that originally read, "Hollywoodland."


Q. Where is the world's largest bridge located?

A. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway at New Orleans, Louisiana is the world's largest bridge. It is almost 24 miles long.


Q.  Whose mansion sold for about $2 million after just one day on the market?

A. Soon after the death of George Burns his home was put on the market; the home sold in 24 hours.


Q. In 1999 what was the age of the average first-time buyer in the United States?

A. 36 years old.


Q.  Who is the world’s largest landowner?

A. The U.S. Government with over 700 Million Acres 


Q.  Why do we call each floor of a building a "story"?  As, I'm on the third floor of a five "story" building.

A.  The floors of buildings are called stories because early European builders used to paint picture stories on the sides of their houses.  Each floor had a different story.


Q.   What street do The Simpsons live on?  BONUS QUESTION: What real estate company did Marge Simpson go to work for?

A. Evergreen Terrace. Bonus: Red Coast Realty